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BLOOMING VIBRATIONS LLC has been created to assist those interested in enhancing their lives and maintaining optimal health by exploring the healing properties of FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY and other natural healing techniques.

The FLOWER ESSENCES used are those discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician who abandoned his conventional medical practice in the 1930's in search of a gentle, non-invasive healing system designed to bring the individual to a balanced emotional state.

Dr. Bach believed that physical dis-ease is rooted in emotional and mental dis-harmony.  He became quickly disillusioned by the medical techniques of his day that focused on treating symptoms while ignoring the individual's personality and emotions.  Although much of today's conventional medical practices continue to downplay the significance of emotional well being, most health care practitioners at least agree that stress affects the physical body and contributes to poor health.  In addition, quantum physics has offered  scientific explanations as to why we respond favorably to the higher vibrational levels of plants and this is where FLOWER REMEDIES come in.    

Optimal health involves proper diet and appropriate supplementation; however, the minor and major traumas of everyday life can take their toll on our moods regardless of admirable efforts to take care of our physical bodies.  Fortunately, nature has provided us with the tools we need to reach and maintain emotional harmony, including this form of plant therapy.  After much trial and error, Dr. Bach discovered that certain highly diluted plant essences were able to gently bring his patients to a state of emotional balance and set them on the path to well being.   His system includes 38 single remedies, each dealing with a specific issue.  They can be used individually or in combination and in acute as well as chronic situations.


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